The Distance Between Us and the Generations: Transgenerational Media Industries Viewpoint and Reflection on Cultural Reproduction


You-Dien Liang


Transgenerational Media industries, cultural reproduction, children’s media, communication theory, value recognition


This book explores the overall state of the Transgenerational Media Industries. Conduct individual case discussions between adults and children, production and consumption, occupations and amateurs, and observe the inter-generational media industry under the capitalist market mechanism, including the transmission of values, the shaping of meaning and connotation. There are cultural inheritance and spiritual endowments from generation to generation, and at the same time, it also discusses the role of adults in children’s media culture. It involves the way of thinking and the possible unilateral indoctrination of adult thoughts or ideologies.

Here, holistic vision thinking is also a very necessary work. With the rapid development of communication media, technology connects each other, but to a certain extent, both production and consumption must enhance mutual understanding of the Transgenerational Media Industries in order to avoid purely equating media communication with advertising benefits. The author thinks about various issues of cultural reproduction through theoretical analysis and investigation and interpretation of the manufacturer’s feedback mechanism. The value, meaning and identity issues involved in the field of communication all occupy an important position in this book.