A Survey of Taiwan Film Exhibition Industry




To survey the structure of Taiwan film exhibition market and to study the moviegoing pattern, the box office performances of 41 major theaters (79 screens) in Taipei during 1994 were analyzed. The major findings from this research were listed as below:

1. Summer, new year and Chinese new year holidays attract most audiences. Moviegoers find it most convenient to see films during vacation, Thus the industry tends to concentrate most of its important film releases within just a few weeks of the year. The fluctuation of film attendance is highly correlated with school schedule. This proves that students are still the primary audience group.

2. By days of the week, sunday attracts most audiences, followed by saturday and monday. Wednesday is the worst. This is quite unlike what happened in many other countries.

3. In a year run, 69% of total boxoffice for all films is generated by the top 10% of separate films (37); the rest 300 films partake 31% gross. Taiwan moviegoers tend to swarm for relatively few films.

4. In 1994, 18 Taiwan domestic films are showned (4.83% of total screened films), which attract 300 thousand audiences (2.29%) and generate 47 million dollars income (2.05%). Hong Kong: 138 films (37%), 1.4 million viewers (10.64%), and gross income 220 millions (9.62%). Foreign films (mainly Hollywood majors): 217 films (58.18%), 10 million viewers (87.07%), and gross income 2 billions (88.33%). This proves that Hollywood is getting close to a sweeping victory.