Adolescence’s feedback toward television game show: A subcultural observation


WeiWei Vivian Huang


The purpose of social educational program is to inspire audiences learning ability and vision through on entertaining way. What do adolescent students think about the content of social educational program? This research, with the use of 4 focus groups, discuss the feedback of adolescence toward social educational program. The findings include the following:

1. It is diffcult for the social educational program to inspire adolescence’s learning ability and vision, because its content is limited.

2. Most of the adolescent students prefer to watch the content related to “how to live a life” rather than “how to take exam”. They are interested in topics on interpersonal relations, counseling, gen der, regilion, sports, and other diversified issues.

3. It is important for television program producers to seek for adolescent students’ feedback by audiences’ hut-line service, prize winning activity, cooperation with schools, program testing so as to trim the contents.