Multicalturalism & Taiwan’s Broadcasting Policies — The case of Aborieiue


Chin-hwa Chang


This paper is to review Taiwan’s radio policies from the perspective of multiculturalism. The history of radio policy in our country could be divided tnto four periods: 1) no-policy–from 1938 1950; 2) mandarin-dominant policy, 1960’s & 1970’s; 3) special reward policy 1980’s; and 4) channel opening policy, 1990’s. The research points out that becaues Taiwan’s radio policies have been mandarin-dominant for a long time, the minority languages has been seriously disappearing. Although from 1990’s, the government has been licensing many new channels, there is still no systematic effort to advocate multiculturalism. The paper therefore suggests that Taiwan should develop a set of multiculturalist policies to recogniz and protect minority languages and cultures before they are all gone.