The analysis of Journalistic Viewpoint and Narrative Voice


Chen-ching Cheng


In the previous journalistic research, there has been little attention given to the studying “viewpoint”. Among the very few exceptions, “viewpoint” is often conceptilized as “news angle” or “news perspective”. The focus of this paper is to reconstruct the notion of journalistic viewpoint,especially following Kunetius’ nadition expressed in terms of “narrative voice”.

In literary studies, the notion “viewpoint” is oftentimes approached with different emphases:physical viewing, depth and range of cognition, and ideologies of narrators. Through this line of reseach, we may understand a journalists’ position in his narration as well as the role played in the expression of news event.

This article provides an analysis of news viewpoint and the journalists’ narrative voice. It helps us understand the nature of news stories as journalistic discourse, which is an area neglected in the past news research on content characteristics and content bias.