The development of Media Uses and Needs Gratifications


Shen Wen Ying


A various strands of the uses and gratifications approach have been developed since the publication of Blumler and Katz’s landmark volume: ‘The uses of mass communications: current perspectives on gratifications research’ in 174. The applications of the theory have been spread over different areas. Therefore, for someone who intends to explore in this field, it might not be easy to get a thorough concept of the approach if just get into from one of the specific aspects at the very beginning.

This study attempts to establish an interpretative construct through the temporal development of this research approach. After the assessment of the extension and advancement of this field, the article presents the important contributions of the theories, discusses the developments in theoretical and empirical approaches, and suggests the challenges of the future.

Hopefully, the systematical approach of this article can provide a basic profile of ‘uses and gratifications’ for someone interested in studying this field.