Research on Local Management’s Attribution of Satellite-TV


Ching-ho Chen


“Electric waves have no national boundary?” “Channels are rare resources?” Today electric media are growing flourishingly, and these topics deserve to be deliberated over again. In the medium theory, communication is a behavior of transmission. Although transmitting technology has long already made electric waves break the limitation of national boundary, we have to think about the barrier of cultural backgrounds and lingual differences. Now electric waves that can only spread signals are still hard to transmit complete massages. In fact, the definition of national boundary do exist in the process of communication by satellite. As to “The Theory of Rare Channels with JL )”, it has long been a questionable topic. It could not be defined that whatever on radio or television, the audience has had multiple choices. So far, the diversity of TV channels in human life has developed magnificently.

The point of this essay is based on the market that the supply has outstripped the demand after satellite-TV had developed plurally. The local manager of TV station faces the more and more competitive environment, and the pressure of investment and profit. I try to analyze some relative facts that transform satellite’s attribution of international communication to that of local-medium transmission.

The central contents of this essay:

(1) The phenomenon of local satellite channels and its program management.

(2)Rules, effect on local satellite-TV under media-system in the future.

(3)The factor and the future development of management of local satellite-TV.