A Study of Taiwan Audience’s Perception of Mainland Chinese Satellite TV Programs


Yu-li Liu, Mei-huei Lin


CCTV’s Channel VI, launched in 1991, employs a NTSC system to transmit its signal via satellite. Although it covers Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and elsewhere in Asia, the channel is aimed at the Taiwan audience.

The purpose of this paper is (1) to study the Taiwan audience’s perception of mainland China’s satellite TV programs and (2) to analyze the Taiwan audience’s viewing behavior and attitude toward issues concerning Taiwan and mainland China.

The study methods employed include literature review and telephone survey.The survey shows that the Taiwan audience does not watch mainland Chinese satellite TV programs very often. Viewers are not very satisfied with the offered TV programs, either. Besides, the Taiwan audience does not consider mainland China’s TV news objective; they think news coverage concerning Taiwan is too negative.

Mainland China’s satellite TV programs do not have much influence on the Taiwan audience. However, their potential influence should not be ignored by people in Taiwan.