The Future Applications of ROCSAT-2 in Communication


Lee-shai Lin


The applications of the communication satellite are diversified and of great importance to the growing needs of the communication field in Taiwan. In this paper, the researcher will examine the future applications of ROC communication satellite–ROCSAT-2, as well as investigate the historical reviews of the direct broadcast satellites worldwide. The author makes comparisons of the direct broadcast service among the satellites developed by the countries of the United States, Japan, and Mainland China. In addition, the histories of Taiwan cable TV as well as his future development are exploited. Moreover, the revolutions of the satellite news gathering (SNG) are also discussed.

The future applications of ROCSAT-2 in communication can be specified in four categories as follows: 1) Fixed Satellite Service, FSS ; 2) Direct Broadcast Service, DBS; 3) Mobil Satellite Service, MSS; and 4) Information Superhighways. The most direct application of television broadcasting is the Direct Broadcast Service, which brings about the development of the video conference and the High Definition Television (HDTV) in Taiwan. It is anticipated that in the nearest future, the News Bureau will develop the multi-media vedio communication. The Ministry of Education will develop the educational TV programs and educational instructions on the air. The entertainment industries will have a new spectrum of applications such as digital audio-vedio broadcasting and high definition television (HDTV). Government agencies will find increasing novel applications of vedio teleconference and very small aperture terminal (VSAT).