Out from the Patronage of the Elites? –The Dualization of the German Broadcasting Regulation under the Influences from the Politics and Economics


Shyr-hau Shyr


As recently the example of dispute about the reformation of pub lic television in Germany showed, the relationship between politics and media can easily turn hostile simply because of trivial criticism. In fact, it concerns the privilege of a small group of people, who are well disguised behind the mask of privatization and really benefit from the media-concentration, The attempt of the German Federal Constitutional Court, to maintain the pluralism in the electronic media, is now facing the challenges raised from the growing complexity and non-transparence in the broadcasting branch. The efforts of the federal states’ legislators in adjusting the German broadcast ing laws into the “dual system” are merely part of a constant legal construction, which shouldn’t be observed, in this context, separately from the former legislations. The author tries, therefore, to sketch the development of the German broadcasting laws were to their environment and why they still are.