Realizing the Product of Knowledge in Discourse from the Development of New Technology of Mass Media in Taiwan exp: VCR, CATV, Satellite TV


Chi-hui Chung


Because of the particular culture requirement of the society, it comes the invention and usage of the mass media. This research, based on the important historical movement of VCR, CATV and satellite TV in Taiwan from 1984 to 1993 with the assistance of official and college discourses in the same period of time, reveals the power traces of this knowledge producing system.

According to the research, the government was obvious to authorize the new mass media, but VCR, CATV and satellite TV have been popular beyond control of the government. Therefore, these new media came into Taiwan whereas our government had no ability of insight in this technology at all. If without the 301 law urged by the US government, the legislation concerning new mass media would still have a long way to go.

As for the Discourse from government and college, the former is superior than the latter in authority and completeness of this technology. However, the official discourses were mainly for the legislation purpose, not the study of how these new media made cultural impact and influence to Taiwan.