Local Origination? Cable TV & Minority


Wei-wei Vivian Huang


As the Cable Television Law approved by the first session of the second Legislative Yuan at its 50th meeting on July 16 of 1993 · the Age of Cable Television has come to Taiwan. One of the important reason for Taiwan to develop cable television industry is that it may provide diversified channels for audiences, especially for the minority group such as women, children, teenager, the aboriginal people, and the rural people.

Existing research found that the target audiences of cable television are around the city or metropolitan area. Therefore, most of the cable television system operators or channel operators in Taiwan invest their markets in the city or metropolitan area rather than the rural place. They even reject the request from the local populace to pay for the visual and/or aural reception of cable television except there are more than ten subscribers (at least) in the rural place. This is against the goal of serving the minority group.

What does the minority group in Taiwan think about this? Are they satisfied with their consumers’ rights regarding cable tele vision. Five focus group were used to investigate the reality. This research found that the consumer’s right for the minority group in the rural place needs to be valued.