Action Research in the Design of Media Content


Fabia Ling-Yuan Lin

Pin-Chieh Lin


action research, practice-led research, reflection in/on action


The media industry has been greatly impacted by the ever-changing digital technology that not only does it need to respond to the highly uncertain environment, but also it has to become more reflexive in terms of the use of resources and tools at its disposal. To take full advantage of action research and adopt it into the design of media content may shorten the distance between theory and practice. In this way the practice of research would benefit practitioners in the innovation and production of media content. This article examines current use of action research in communication study, draws inspiration from creative production research methodologies in the field of art and design, and comes up with suggestions regarding the combination of action research and the design of media content. The aspects discussed are as follows: the inception of the research, cyclic process, reflections in/on the study, data collection/analysis, and collaboration. It is the aim of this article to contribute to the integration of research and practice in the design of media content.