The Prospects for Cable Advertising: Using the American Experience to Discuss Strategies for the Development of Cable Advertising in the Republic of China


Robert Y. Wen


This article observes the evolution of the cable television industry in the United States from a marketing/sales perspective, Cable advertising has become a “new avenue for sales” and a “new kind of product.” Cable advertising has undergone fundamental changes in recent years and is now blurring the distinction between two dimensional visual advertising media. To expand cable advertising’s market share, one must adopt new advertising strategies. This article draws upon the experience and models for growth presented by the development off the cable television industry in the United States and selects examples of present practices in the ROC in order to disscus the potential for growth in domestic cable advertising. This artical also includes an introductory discussion of the applicability of the ROC’s current regulation and policies on cable advertising. Then, using the S.W.O.T. strategy, this article discusses the potential for profit in the cable television market and various possible sales strategies so as to extrapolate the ROC’s future policies for the development of cable advertising.