Analysis of Taiwan Broadcasting Radio Station and E-commerce Website Cooperation policy: As the example of BCC & INTW


Wen-Ting Shan


Broadcasting Radio Station, Strategic alliance, Resource Exchange, E-commerce Website


The rising of New Media has formed impact to Taiwan’s radio station business. They have to find cross-industry alliance to overcome the tough market situation. As broadcasting media, they usually cooperate with telecom firms and portal websites, rarely cooperating with E-commerce Website. Our research targets are BCC Radio Station(Broadcasting Corporation of China 中廣公司) & INTW (好物市集) Online Shopping Website, which will be a new method of strategic cooperating. We do interviews for data collections and some strategic cooperative documents review. The study finds out that the motivations for both sides to cooperate are different from the normal strategic alliance which is mainly for resources exchanging. This new method of strategic cooperation relies more on the agreement of business philosophy, management style, and also the bonus effect after cooperating from both sides. The goal of both sides (BCC & INTW) is similar as other enterprise alliance, such as expanding scale of economies and increasing income, and they already hit the goal. But we have no previous case to refer. This might cause a higher risk to fail running the new method. Fortunately, BCC & INTW make a good trust with other, both helping to solve the risk of cooperation. This new method of strategic cooperation already brings positive results but its business cooperation model is still in adjustment. The fast changing online market environment also raises the problem of communication, which needs to do follow-up studies in the future.