Issue No.36

Current Journal

A Study of the Content and Selling Strategies of TV Shopping Programs: A Comparison of Metro Cities in Taiwan and China
/Cheng Kuo, Jenn-Jia Huang

Keywords: TV shopping, advertising appeals, central route and peripheral route persuasion


Net-users as news source: The production order of TV news in digital era
/Hui-Wen Liu

Keywords: anonymous sources, content analysis, news source, net-user news, TV news


When Battle-Field Became Love-Field: Cultural Representation in Teenager’s Film Summer Times
/Ting-Huei Chao

Keywords: Teenager’s Film, Summer Times, Cultural Representation


The use of mass media and acculturation among Chinese Mainland university students in Hong Kong
/Cheng Yang, Guo Jia, Gao Luyangzi, Jiang Qiongxi, Meng Chao, Wang Yiqin

Keywords: Mainland students, Acculturation, Hong Kong, Media use