Issue No.35

Current Journal

A Study of the Co-regulation Mechanism on Communication Content
/Hsu-Cheng Chein

Keywords: co-regulation, regulation, media content, television programs, advertisement, new media


The Analysis of the Portrayals of Older Characters on Television Commercials
/Shu-Chin Lien

Keywords: older adults, commercials, filial piety, gender stereotypes, stereotypes


An Analysis of Producing and Broadcasting Procedure for Hakka Composing Song
/Tsui Sung Wu, Daiying Wu

Keywords: Hakka composing music, creative ideas, Golden Melody Awards, music production, music promotion, Hakka singer-song writer


The Relationship between Imagination and Learning Environment of Video/Film Students
/Yi-Chun Chou, Chao-yun Liang

Keywords: imagination, video education, learning environment