The Return of Professionalism to the Market Economy in the Broadcasting Industry – A Reflection of the Award-Winning Taiwanese TV Drama “In Time With You”


Yae-Wei Wang


Due to the highly-competitive market of broadcasters in Taiwan, the performance of TV dramas has long been the decisive element affecting the daily viewership ratings. Producers, as well as writers, in the industry have been compliant to the will of broadcasters, who believe that the market will be accustomed to successful models and will accept only formats limited to certain genres for decades. Consequently, the professionalism of the industry gave way to the strategies of market economy, leading to a decline in the diversity and creativity of the TV drama industry. “In Time with You,” the TV drama that won the 2012 Golden Bell Award, not only won an unprecedented number of awards in different categories in this annual competition, it earned commercial success in international sales and earned a record share of the local market. “In Time with You” showcased a high-level of professionalism, which the producer and writer of the show insisted on from the inception of the production, and provided a new perspective for the conservative players from the market’s economy side. The return of professionalism may become a potential win-win strategy for the broadcasters and producers of future TV dramas.