An Analysis of Producing and Broadcasting Procedure for Hakka Composing Song


Tsui Sung Wu, Daiying Wu


Hakka composing music, creative ideas, Golden Melody Awards, music production, music promotion, Hakka singer-song writer


This paper primarily explores the producing and broadcasting procedure of Hakka composing song. In this paper, we adopt independent music category for producing procedure to divide the Hakka composing song and interviewed 4 Hakka singer-song writers who had been nominied or won the Golden Melody Award, a songwriter, a music company runner and a singer.

The research results reveal that most Hakka singer/ song writers adopt full or half DIY mode to make their own albums. For decreasing the producing cost, almost every section of producing album was done by themselves no matter the song composing, the cover design, music producing, and even the promotion and distribution of album.