Developing a Selection Model for the Actors of Trendy Drama


Ya-Jou Lu, Pi-Fang Hsu


Trendy drama, Actor of trendy drama, Modified Delphi method, Analytic hierarchy process (AHP)


This study develops a model for selecting an actor of trendy drama based on the perceptions of production companies. First, the proposed model adopts the modified Delphi method to identify suitable criteria for evaluating actor of trendy drama. Next, the model applies the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to determine the relative weights of evaluative criteria, then ranks the alternatives and selects the optimum actor of trendy drama. In addition, the example of a renowned Taiwanese production company is used to demonstrate the process of actor selection of trendy drama based on this model. The analytical results indicated that managers of production companies rank criteria in terms of importance as follows: Compatibility, Image, Personality, Professional skills. The proposed model helps production companies effectively select an actor of trendy drama, making it highly applicable in academia and commerce.