Issue No.33

Current Journal

Public Television in Taiwan: Lessons from the U. S. and South Korea
/Shu-Chu Sarrina Li, Lin-lin Ku

Keywords: Public television in the U. S., Public television in South Korea, Public television in Taiwan.


Examining the Phenomenon of Mimetic Isomorphism In Taiwan’s TV Industry: A Study on Taiwan’s Variety Show
/Pin-Yi Wu, Shu-Chu Sarrina Li

Keywords: Mimetic Isomorphism, Frequency-based imitation, Trait-based imitation, Outcome-based imitation, Variety Show


Exposure of Chinese college students to Internet pornography and the third-person effect
/Lo, Ven-hwei, Cong Jia, Zhang, Guo-liang

Keywords: third-person effect, Internet pornography, gender, desentization, support for restrictions of Internet pornography