Examining the Phenomenon of Mimetic Isomorphism In Taiwan’s TV Industry: A Study on Taiwan’s Variety Show


Pin-Yi Wu, Shu-Chu Sarrina Li


Mimetic Isomorphism, Frequency-based imitation, Trait-based imitation, Outcome-based imitation, Variety Show


According to Mimetic Isomorphism Theory, organizations in the same industry would mutually observe each other’s strategy. It holds that facing with the highly uncertainty, organizations would imitate other company’s behaviors. Taking this theory as the theoretical framework, this study examined the phenomenon of mimetic isomorphism in Taiwan’s Variety show, and used content analysis as the research methods. The results show that the frequency-based imitation, and outcome-based imitation were the most evident phenomenon in Taiwan’s Variety show. And this study also found that the imitation behaviors were restricted by resources the organizations hold. More findings and discussion were presented in the thesis.