Explore the Social Culture Phenomenon of Digital Games Art


Yi-Lin Yu


mass communication, social culture phenomenon, sensory gratification, visual communication, digital game


Games have a history extending well over thousands of years, some ofthe old countries, such as: China, Egypt, India … and so on, have spread thegame through generations. For example, the Go, also known as Qi Tao, is apopular game in Japan that is considered as a form of art. Many artists expectaudiences to interact with their art work in certain degree, in hopes that theirconcepts and emotions can be transmitted through a two-waycommunication. In order to, build up a new kind of culture in our society.The existing of culture is to exchange and communicate, last but not least isto come up with creative creation. Digital game is a product born under thesefactors. Nowadays digital game is a popular leisure entertainment, and itsimpact to our daily life is increasing every second, moreover it has become anew trend in our culture. Under these mind thinking, the research todayelaborates upon digital game, which comes in the category under culturecreative industry, in terms of need in interaction, and seeks if this way ofconveying can reach the ultimate goal in communication and satisfied theneeds of people, therefore in becoming a part of our life. The purpose of thisresearch would like to verify the digital game culture through the theoryresulted from elaboration, in which it could fully clarify the interactivefeatures in digital games. The research method conducts by literature review,personal interviews, and case studies to undergo digital game spirit ininteraction and test and verify the phenomenon in culture.