Issue No.31

Current Journal

A Comparison of the Viewing Preferences and Motivations between Handheld and Vehicle Mobile Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial Users
/Anne Wan-Ling Hu, Zhi-Kuang Fang

Keywords: handheld DTV, mobile digital TV, vehicular DTV, ZMET


The First-Person Perception of Anti-drug films
/Sue-Jen Lin

Keywords: anti-drug films, perceived message sensational value, sensational-seeking value, first-person effect, third-person effect


Television News Coverage and Disaster Management–The Ethical Difficulties of Disaster Journalism
/Chao- Chen Lin

Keywords: ratings, disaster journalism, disaster management, Television, news ethics


The Management Strategy Analysis of Ethic Radio: A Case Study for Voice of Hakka Radio in Miaoli
/Tsui-Sung Wu, Chi-Shin Wu, Shu-Yu Liou

Keywords: promotion strategy, Hakka radio, ethnic media, radio management strategy, program arrangement