Issue No.30

Current Journal

Glocalization of Nonfiction entertainment media: Programming strategies of Discovery Communication Inc. in Taiwan
/Herng Su, Shu-Wen Cheng

localization, glocalization, nonfiction entertainment, Discovery Channel, media conglomerate, television documentary



A Resource-based View on the Formation of Strategic Alliances: A Study on Taiwan’s Radio Industry
/Kui-Yueh Cheng, Shu-Chu Sarrina Li, Chiu-Ping Chu

Keywords: trust, strategic alliances, strategic goals, new media technologies, resource-based view, radio industry


The Challenges of Taiwan Broadcasting System as a Social Enterprise: A Holistic Perspective
/Li-Li Chin

Keywords: Taiwan Broadcasting System, corporate culture, social enterprise, nonprofit organization


Can the Adjustment of Cable Television Franchise Areas Increase the Intensity of Competition?
/Kuo-Feng Tseng

Keywords: cable television, franchise area, competition, game theory