A Resource-based View on the Formation of Strategic Alliances: A Study on Taiwan’s Radio Industry


Kui-Yueh Cheng, Shu-Chu Sarrina Li, Chiu-Ping Chu


trust, strategic alliances, strategic goals, new media technologies, resource-based view, radio industry


This study adopts the resource-based view to examine the formation of strategic alliances in Taiwan’s radio industry. Two research methods, intensive interviews and secondary data analysis, were used to collect data for this study. This study conducted 13 intensive interviews on managers of 11 radio stations and collected 135 strategic alliance events. Using the 135 events, we analyzed the factors that influenced the success of strategic alliances in radio industry. The data analysis shows that by means of strategic alliances, most radio stations were able to access those resources that they lacked, which is congruent with the resource-based view. Furthermore, this study found that the most important factors that affected the success of strategic alliances were trust and goals congruence between the partners. More findings were discussed in the paper.