The Concept of Aesthetics & Creativity in Camera Work


Chang-Fu Hsieh


Television is not only one kind of pictures’ combination continuously expressed in the way of its activeness, but also the unity of visual and audio communication. However, due to the consideration of its apparent utility, television workers often con fine the space of creativeness. Based on the visual effect and camera workers’ point of view, camera workers can keep their own characteristics to expand their imagination and creativity. The spirit of this article is to state these two important ideas. One is the concept of television aesthetics, and the other is the creativity of camera work.

Pursuing truth, amity and beauty are the essences of photographing process. Television programs should include the discussion of the content and their expressive styles aspects. From the aesthetic viewpoint, what and how to say are all the coverages of reality or images; therefore, the expression of visual and audio objectiveness or subjectireness should contribute to enhance human life.

Even though the camera workers should not neglect their directors, they still can keep great space in their own expressive way as well as the effect controls. In other words, besides the advice from directors, camera workers keep the flexbility, and shoot the best ones to their programs. Meanwhile, when they are more free to work and express their ideas on pictures, they get more responsibilities to create their own styles.