Issue No.29

Current Journal

A Prelimary Study on the Corporate Governance of Public Service Broadcasting: Issues, Principles and Mechanisms
/Ti Wei

Keywords: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), corporate governance, public service broadcasting, Taiwan Broadcasting System (TBS)


Will the Deficiency of PTS’s Finance Impact the Quality of Program Production?
/Kuo-Feng Tseng

Keywords: publicity, public television service, culture industry, funding, digital content


Exploring the Branding Implications of the “Public Value Assessment System”
/Cheng-Chung Li

Keywords: public value, public broadcasting, branding, accountability


New Media Service of PTS: The Practice of Communication Right of PeoPo Citizen Journalism
/Chung-Hsiang Kuang

Keywords: PeoPo, Citizen Journalism, Indenpend media


TV Program scheduling
/Chang-Lin Yang, Rong-Hwa Huang, Xiao-Fang Liang

Keywords: program scheduling, movie channel, ant colony optimization