TV Program scheduling


Chang-Lin Yang, Rong-Hwa Huang, Xiao-Fang Liang


program scheduling, movie channel, ant colony optimization


Since the television channel rises speedy in recent years. It changes the competitive environment of television station. A lot of special channels have been established in order to serve the customers of particular predilection. The movie channel is one of the representative channels. However, most TV stations arrange the programs according to the past historical rating materials. Therefore, the programs will be unable to meet audience’s real demand and will let the audience rating descend. This study proposes a TV program scheduling model to evaluate and search the most suitable program arrangement. In order to search the solution of program scheduling, ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm has been used in this study. By comparing to the current program arrangement of TV station, the ACO can raise the utility of audience 7.5698% on average in the result of scheduling.