New Media Service of PTS: The Practice of Communication Right of PeoPo Citizen Journalism


Chung-Hsiang Kuang


PeoPo, Citizen Journalism, Indenpend media


“PeoPo Citizen Journalism Portal” is a video platform established by Taiwan Broadcasting System (TBS) which attempts to practice citizens’ communication right on the internet. In addition to providing the platform, hundreds of workshops are also held, which contribute a lot to citizens’ capacity and skills of making videos. In comparison with mainstream media, news broadcasted by citizen journalists of PeoPo reveals more diversity. However, it still draws the criticism for the lack of publicness, which is mainly due to that some works in PeoPo favor merely the records of personal lives and community experience, or the introduction of local customs and landscapes. Even though there are reports about community affairs, they neglect the articulate discussion of social relations and structure. Thus, how to reinforce the publicness of PeoPo citizen journalism as well as advance public discussion at the same time plays a key role on whether PeoPo could become a significant groundwork of a democratic society.