Issue No.28

Current Journal

The Propagating Functions of Hakka TV in a Multi-Dialectical Culture
/Dennis Weng-Jeng Peng

Keywords: minority culture, mother-tongue education, spiral of silence, Hakka TV, language policy


A Historical Review and Legal Ramifications of National Communications Commission: The Beginning of the End
/Yann-Long Chen, James C. Hsiung

Keywords: J. Y. Interpretation No. 613, National Communications Commission, National Communications Commission Organic Act, independent agency


Imagined Crowds? Real Commodities?—An Analysis on the Institutional Construction of Audience Images
/Chun-Fu Chen

Keywords: commoditization, media institution, media industry, audience, dual-product market


Watch and be Watched: Desire for Surveillance, Screenborging and Postmodern Fakery In Taiwan’s Local Reality TV
/Miao-Ju Jian

Keywords: Reality TV, Taiwan’s local reality show, media technology, TV Spy


How Media Ownership Transferring Influences Employees’ Organizational Commitment, Industrial Relations Climate, and Job Satisfaction: Take One Network Television Station as an Example
/Chiung-Wen (Julia) Hsu, Cheng-Hung Wu

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, Media Ownership, Industrial Relations Climate


A discussion and suggestions of Internet content regulation policy of Taiwan
/Su-Ju Chien, Meng-Yun Wu

Keywords: feasibility study, policy instruments, internet content, internet content rating, Internet Regulation Process Model