A discussion and suggestions of Internet content regulation policy of Taiwan


Su-Ju Chien, Meng-Yun Wu


feasibility study, policy instruments, internet content, internet content rating, Internet Regulation Process Model


In order to protect minors from illegal and harmful internet content, all internet content providers in Taiwan must rate their content because of “Children and Youth Welfare Law”, and if not, they will be punished or fined by the government. However, the regulation structure of internet is so different from other media because of it’s specific characteristics. The research has discussed the internet content regulation policies of other countries such as America, the United Kingdom, German, Australia, Korea and Taiwan. After the feasibility analysis of the policy of Taiwan, the authors suggest that internet content regulation should firstly relay on the self-regulation of media industry, the development of filter software, and the education of the society. The enforcement of law is the last step under the regulation structure.