An Exploratory Study of Commodity Images in Media Consumption


Shun-Chih Ke, Yen-Hui Lin


consumption, commodity images, media consumption, media images, Sex and the City


This article focuses on the pattern of commodity images in daily media consumption. The research examines the television drama “Sex and the City” and attempts to analyze the meaning of commodity images consumption. The finding reveals that the daily consumption of commodity images demonstrates a dynamic cyclical pattern. The commodity images serve as signs for the emergence of audiences’ private meaning. As the privately produced meanings are shared to others and become a public desire, the new public desire is then turned into an object of commodification. When the media proceed to commodify the public desire, new commodity images will be produced, and a new cycle will take place. In consequence, consumption is a constantly cyclical process, and the meaning production originates from capitalist production mechanism, social meaning, and audiences’ self- production of meanings.