The development of sports broadcasting rights fee


Chang-de Liu


Sports broadcasting rights fee, media-sports complex


The market structures of sport and television industries are the determinant factors of sports broadcasting rights fee. Because of the rapid growth of cable and satellite televisions and the expansion of transnational media/entertainment corporations, the competition between buyers of the broadcasting rights market has been getting intense than ever. In both the US and the UK where the professional sports leagues are monopolistic and the televisions are competitive, the price of sports broadcasting rights has increased sharply over the last two decades. However, some media conglomerates have encountered financial crisis recently due to the dramatic escalation of the cost of sports broadcasting rights. The development of sports rights in Taiwan has followed the trajectory of these two countries but with a relatively immature and small sports industry and under the challenge of transnational sports leagues. In order to protect the public interests from the possible damage of ruthless competition for sports broadcasting rights among televisions, this paper recommends the establishment of regulations on sports broadcast in Taiwan.