The Economy of Live Reporting in the Broadcast News


Shih-che Tang


flow, capitalization, live, television news


The article demonstrates how the cable news channel in Taiwan frequents the use of live coverage to fulfill its propensity for capitalization. Applying the concept of “flow” to analyze the role of live covernage in the audio-visual sequence of news report, the article suggests that live television, as a salient production value of television, be cast in the light of its economic value. The discussion unfolds in the following three parts: The first part surveys various theoretical perspectives to the notion of live in the television studies, and analyzes how the live coverage is symptomatic of the television institution’s pursuit for capitalization. The second part examines the “flow” phenomenon in the cable news channels and explains the role played by the live coverage in the entire audio/visual flow of the newscast. The third part discusses how the live coverage redefines the ontology of news “event” in the context of television broadcast.