Issue No.24

Current Journal

The Study over License-issuing, License-renewing and Evaluation System of Radio Stations in Taiwan: from “The Case of BCC’s License-renewing”
/Cheng-Yu Lin & Jiun-Yu Wen

Keywords: Communications Law, The Evaluation System, Radio Station, License-issuing and License-renewing, Radio & TV Act


On the Regulation of Children’s Television Programs: A Comparative Study
/Shu Chun Liao

Keywords: children’s television programs, Children’s Television Act


Exploring the Structural Model of Hakka Elements and TV Viewing behaviors
/Dennis Weng-jeng Peng

Keywords: Kakka elements, Hakka identity, Hakka language and culture, Hakka TV, Uses and gratifications, Viewing behaviors


What’s in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – A study on Wu Xia genre from male gaze perspective in feminism film theory
/Wu-Ching Tseng

Keywords: feminism movie theory、male gaze、Wu Xia film、Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon