The Study over License-issuing, License-renewing and Evaluation System of Radio Stations in Taiwan: from “The Case of BCC’s License-renewing”


Cheng-Yu Lin & Jiun-Yu Wen


Communications Law, The Evaluation System, Radio Station, License-issuing and License-renewing, Radio & TV Act


This study investigates, examines, and evaluates our existing radio stations license-issuing, license-renewing and evaluation system through analyzing the issues led to by “the case of BCC’s license-renewing”. It is found that the most practical way to rule the radio stations is the “evaluation system” of the licensing system, whose necessity to be reexamined is the core of this study. We argue that to assign concrete positions and duties to the authorities concerned and draw up definite articles will serve as the best way to resolve the present issues.

The reasoning of the study is presented as followed: Firstly, the major problem of the present evaluation system is found through the deep inquiry into the development of our radio stations’ licensing system. Secondly, the method of system comparison is applied, drawing the examples from the broadcasting- developed countries such as the United States, British, Australia, etc., and comparing their merits and demerits, in order to set a contrast to the present home system for examination. Lastly, the advice on the revision of the licensing system is presented, hoped to resolve the issue to some extent.