Issue No.22

Current Journal

When Political Satire Show Acts as “Morphine”—The Anti-Cultivation Effects of Political Satire Shows
/Tai-Li Wang

Keywords: Infotainment, Political Communication, Political Satire Show, Political Talk Show, Cultivation Effects


Visual Aesthetics in Blue Gate Crossing: Gender Images and Sexualities of the Youth
/Daniel Ting-Huei Chao

Keywords: Visual Aesthetics, The Youth, Gender Images, Sexualities, Psychoanalysis


Examining Radio Stations’ Approaches to DAB Era in Taiwan: From the perspectives of interorganizational imitation decision
/Wei-wei Vivian Huang、Chih-jung Fan

Keywords: interorganizational imitation, frequency-based imitation, trait-based imitation, outcome-based imitation


The Problems of Sound Education in Taiwan’s Audio-Video (or Sound and Image) College Curriculums
/Ming-Chu Chen

Keywords: Audio-video (or Sound and Image), Sound Education, Sound Aesthetics, Sound Production


The Study of the Development and Business Strategy of Digital Cinema
/Kuo Chia-Jung

Keywords: Digital Cinema, Competitive Strategy of Emerging Industry, Digital Economy, Other Digital Stuff