Examining Radio Stations’ Approaches to DAB Era in Taiwan: From the perspectives of interorganizational imitation decision


Wei-wei Vivian Huang、Chih-jung Fan


interorganizational imitation, frequency-based imitation, trait-based imitation, outcome-based imitation


Facing the vision of the「e-Taiwan」project, what are these experiences for radio stations who have joined the DAB testing plan? What are these preparations for other radio stations that did not join the DAB testing plan? How would radio stations in Taiwan face the innovation of DAB?

From the perspective of interorganizational imitation decision, this research examined how radio stations come to adopt imitation decisions to approach to DAB industry. Based on the quantitative questionnaire survey on radio stations and the qualitative in-depth interview with radio industry station managers, and public administrators, the research questions include:

1. What are the expectations and preparations for radio stations to approach to DAB era in Taiwan?

2. From the perspective of interorganization imitation, how radio stations adopt imitation decisions to face the trend of digital era?

According to the results, there exists an organizational isomorphism among radio stations in Taiwan. The adoption of an imitation decision by those stations who did not join DAB testing plan is importantly determined by joint networks, and change of programs.