Issue No.21

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Viewing and Comprehension of TV Cartoon with Audio Description: A study of Visually Impaired Students
/Yaly Chao

Keywords: the visually impaired, TV cartoon, audio description, TV viewing strategies, schemata and cognitive system


Explore the Viability of the Internet as a Survey Tool: A Comparative Study on the Practical Significance of Sample Differences
/Jack C. C. Li

Keywords: sampling, equivalence test, Internet-based survey, Internet, t-test


University Students’ Media Use and Their Perception of Media Credibility
/Huey-Ing Huang、Hsiu-Dung Yang

Keywords: media use, involvement, media credibility


The job stress and organizational commitment of interns in the campus radio stations.
/Jiang yi-hui

Keywords: job stress, campus radio station, organizational commitment