University Students’ Media Use and Their Perception of Media Credibility


Huey-Ing Huang、Hsiu-Dung Yang


media use, involvement, media credibility


This study has 2 major purposes. The first purpose is to understand Taipei’s university students’ mass media use. The second is to investigate those university students’ perception of the Next Magazine credibility and the predictors of media credibility. The results of this study indicated that Television was the most important information source of Taipei’s university students, and the printed media were the least. For the 3 factors of the Next Magazine credibility, most university students regarded the Next Magazine sensational but not credible enough. Even for entertainment news, the Next Magazine’s credibility was lower than the Television channel and the newspaper that the university students most frequently used.

Besides, this study found that the more time the university students spent on the Next Magazine, the more credible they valued the Next Magazine. The more degree of involvement the university students got in the Next Magazine, the higher degree of credibility and the less degree of sensation they evaluated the Next Magazine. Therefore, involvement was a very important predictor of media credibility.