Issue No.20

Current Journal

The Analysis of the Genres of Taiwanese Documentary in Development–Based Upon the Six Modes of Documentary Production Prescribed by Bill Nichols
/Weitsy Wang

Keywords: Documentary-Taiwan, History of Documentary, Representation, Genres, Modes of Production


Discovering the Screen: Information Quality and Audience Empowerment Reconsidered
/Mary C. H. Shen

Keywords: screen, television, information quality, audience empowerment, media representation boundaries


A Network Analysis of Knowledge for Digitization in Public Television Service–The empirical analysis and situational interpretation based on an action research
/Hamilton Chung-ming Cheng

Keywords: Diffusion of Innovation, Digital Television, Internet, Knowledge Sharing, Organizational Communication, Public Service Broadcasting


The Categories of Swordplay Genre Analysis
/Yu-Chai, Lai

Keywords: genre analysis, image languages, swordplay, swordsman’s culture


Conglomeration and Diversification of Media Firms—A Case Study of China Television Company
/Lichi Cheng、Ping-Hung Chen

Keywords: Terrestrial television, Conglomeration, Diversification, China Television Group