Issue No.19

Current Journal

Audiences’ Viewing Choice Process on Broadcast Networks in Taiwan
/Vivian Wei-wei Huang

Keywords: viewing choice process, planned listening, orienting search, reevaluation


Applying Network-Based Project Management for Television Production: A Feasibility Study
/Chung-Yaw Ching, Rong-Hwa Huang, Chang-Lin Yang

Keywords: network-based project management, project management platform, Television program production


The Correlation Between Taiwan Teenagers’ Behavior of Watching Variety Shows and their Moral Judgment
/Feng-Chyi Fang, Yann-Chiou Chen, Wei-Lun Shyu

Keywords: Taiwan teenagers, Variety shows, Moral judgment


The Relationship among Sex, Crime News on TV, and Fear of Crime
/Chuang Pei-Jung, Chen Chien-yu, Kuan Wei-Yun, Chein Pi-Hsuan

Keywords: TV Crime News, Cultivation Theory, The Mean World Index, Mainstreaming Effect, Culture Norm Theory, Resonance, Cognitive Measure of Fear