The Relationship among Sex, Crime News on TV, and Fear of Crime


Chuang Pei-Jung、Chen Chien-yu、Kuan Wei-Yun、Chein Pi-Hsuan


TV Crime News, Cultivation Theory, The Mean World Index, Mainstreaming Effect, Culture Norm Theory, Resonance, Cognitive Measure of Fear


The function of reporting crime news is to warn people to care about social problems and to be more aware of their personal safety. Furthermore, news reports of crime crackdowns are to protect the justice. But in Taiwan, the content and quantity of crime news on TV has been increasing recently. For the public, this function of protecting justice is weakening. Even more, the situation could induce fear of crime in the public. Therefore this study analyzes the content of crime news on Taiwanese television in order to learn if this image induces uneasiness and if there is a difference in reaction between female and male audience.

The results of the study showed, after the reception of television crime news, females were more uneasy than that of males. Furthermore, females reported higher levels of fear of crime than did males.