Applying Network-Based Project Management for Television Production: A Feasibility Study


Chung-Yaw Ching, Rong-Hwa Huang, Chang-Lin Yang


network-based project management, project management platform, Television program production


Although practical experience is important, media production is oriented toward creativity and inspiration. In the past, media managers utilized project management techniques for media production planning, designing, and control under various names. Due to the progress of information technology, the changing environment, and the nature of media product manufacturing such as the non-linear and changeable production process, the indefiniteness of media’s final content, has made traditional management methods ineffective in meeting the challenges of today. To overcome this deficiency, a network-based project management technique is proposed. To study the feasibility of this technology transfer, a television program is taken as a case study. The results show that utilizing the project management upon a network platform will improve communication among team members and the quality of the product and process, as well as enhance knowledge management skills. In other words, network-based project management techniques will improve media production in an efficient and effective way.