Issue No.18

Current Journal

Government’s Policies and the Digitalization of Cable Television Systems in Taiwan
/Shu-Chu Sarrina Li, Chung Sheng Chen

Keywords: Digitalization of television, Digitalization of cable television, Policy of television digitalization.


Diversity in Television Programming: Comparative Analysis of Taiwan TV Channels
/Yi-Hsiang Chen

Keywords: media diversity, program type, program scheduling, vertical diversity, horizontal diversity


Market-driven Journalism on the Terrestrial TV Networks in Taiwan: Taking the Entertainment News of TTV、CTV、CTS as an Example
/Yao-Jen, Chang

Keywords: A model of commercial news production; Entertainment news; Market-driven Journalism


The Regulation of Harmful Materials on the Internet
/Cheng-Yu Lin

Keywords: Internet, Regulation, Harmful material, Obscene material, Freedom of expression.


On Policies for Broadcasting Media Group in Mainland China: A Political Economic Analysis
/Weber H. W. Lai

Keywords: China, broadcasting, media group, CCTV, WTO, political economy