Market-driven Journalism on the Terrestrial TV Networks in Taiwan: Taking the Entertainment News of TTV、CTV、CTS as an Example


Yao-Jen, Chang


A model of commercial news production; Entertainment news; Market-driven Journalism


John McManus (1994) uses market-driven journalism theory to explain when newsrooms have begun to reflect the direction of managers with MBAs rather than green eyeshades, the audiences are “customers”, news are “products”, and the circulation or signal area is a “market”.

In this paper, the researcher wants to find out how the entertainment news were made from journalists in TTV、CTV and CTS, and what the characters of entertainment news are in Taiwan .

The study revealed that the main issues of entertainment news are propaganda with consumptive product, and the rate provement is their main target. Besides, the content of entertainment news in three TV network are very similar.