Government’s Policies and the Digitalization of Cable Television Systems in Taiwan


Shu-Chu Sarrina Li, Chung Sheng Chen


Digitalization of television, Digitalization of cable television, Policy of television digitalization.


Digitalization is a trend for the future television. At the present time, many developed countries have set up specific schedules for the digitalization of terrestrial television, so does Taiwan. More than 80% of Taiwan’s people subscribe to cable television, so terrestrial television has to depend very much on cable television for a smooth transition of its digitalization. This study examined the relationship between the digitalization of terrestrial television and that of cable television systems, and attempted to identify a direction for government’s policies to go. Three research methods were adopted; the first was to analyze the policies by the US and by the UK, the second conduct 20 intensive interviews on cable TV system operators, and the third interview 12 experts of related fields. The data analysis shows that digital technology imposes a great deal of uncertainty on cable TV system operators that will make the adoption process of this technology very slow. More detailed findings of the study were discussed in the paper.