Issue No.17

Current Journal

A Survey of Taiwan Cable Subscribers’ Satisfaction
/Yu-li Liu, Chin-ho Chen

Keywords: Cable TV, customer satisfaction, subscription fees, customer service, quality service.


The Public Television Service in Taiwan: Its Culture, Management, And Organizational Communication
/Li-li Chin

Keywords: PTS, organizational culture, organizational communication, management


Uncovering the Audience Models from Social Values and Economic Efficiency Perspectives on Media Policy: Light Shed on the Debate over Exclusive Cable Television Franchising
/Ting-yu Tiffany Wang

Keywords: Audience models, media policy, social values, economic efficiency, exclusive cable television franchising


The Study of Celebrity of Popular Culture in Advertising Endorsement─An Analysis of the Forms and the Construction of Meaning in Commercials as Media Content
/Guang-shiash Hu

Keywords: Celebrity Endorsement, Taiwan, Popular Culture, Consumption Culture, Television Commercials, Advertising Industry


The Audience comprehension to the Audio-visual structure of TV news
/Yu-chi Chen

Keywords: comprehension, mismatch, Audio-visual structure of TV news