The Audience comprehension to the Audio-visual structure of TV news


Yu-chi Chen


comprehension, mismatch, Audio-visual structure of TV news


TV is the most popular media of Taiwan. 89.9% of the island state people watch TV more than half-hour everyday. TV is part of life for Taiwanese. Furthermore, the TV news is gradually replaced newspaper to be the major source of information. Therefore, this research is trying to disclosure the relations between the structure of TV news and the comprehension of the audience.

A “3X1 One Factors Experiment Design” was utilized for this research. The TV news was selected as the independent variable. Three different structures were used: matched video-audio structured TV news, mismatched video-audio structured TV news, and a single-out mismatched audio structured TV news. The comprehension of the audience was selected as the dependent variable for this research.

Totally 245 Chinese Culture University students participated in the research. The experience was conducted in two different phases. Phase I – “Pre-Test” stag is to correct the manipulated TV news and questionnaire. In phase II – “Official Test” stag, the audience were separated into a group of control group and two different experiment groups. The control group would watch matched vedio-audio structured TV news. One group of experiment group would watch mismatched vedio-audio structured TV news. The other experiment group would watch mismatched audio structured TV news. All participants were required to answer the questionnaire after watching the news.

The Robinson & Davis method was referred for the measurement of audience comprehension. The measurement focused on two factors in accordance with the comprehension threshold: 1) to point out the central point of news, 2) to point out more related details of news.

The results are concluded as the follows:

1. The audio structure is the major factor that influents the audience,

2. The video is better than audio for audience in understanding the details of news,

3. The audio is better than video for audience in understanding the central point of news.